What Is RFP Documentation?

Amrit Singh
3 min readJul 7, 2022

The fact is that every company has limited resources. If an organization doesn’t cooperate with other enterprises or professionals, it will face productivity problems. Creating an RFP allows businesses to find new partners.

RFP stands for a request for proposal. This document allows companies to find a vendor or partner to provide vital services. For example, a company doesn’t have a designer and decides to use external resources to improve website design. So, the firm writes an RFP and starts searching for an appropriate candidate.

The RFP’s purpose is to help organizations make informed decisions. They can use a technical documentation tool to write a great RFP.

What Does an RFP Consist Of?

Usually, an RFP includes the following information:

  • Buyer introduction — a company can write about its history, core values, and contact information. This context will help suppliers better understand a potential partnership.
  • Scope of services — this is a concise and accurate description of the requirements for a candidate.
  • Budget — some companies are not ready to spend much money on services. In that case, such a point is essential to mention.
  • Bid submissions — companies should describe what they are waiting for in proposals. For example, they can write that it’s obligatory to attach a portfolio as a PDF right to a bid or insert a link to a site.
  • Anticipated schedule — there should be information about deadlines for bids and the date of a final selection of a supplier.
  • Selection criteria and process — buyers can explain the approximate criteria they will pay attention to. The requirements can consist of cost, quality of portfolios, and expertise.

Of course, there are no strict requirements for writing an RFP; every buyer has its criteria. Nevertheless, newbies can find it challenging to start writing this document. The list above will help them begin.

What Tool to Choose?

A well-written RFP will allow you to engage suppliers in the project. That’s why you should choose professional software such as ClickHelp. This tool will help you create a great RFP:

  • You can create a branded document and develop it according to your style guides.
  • You can set permissions on an RFP while developing a file.
  • You can share drafts with your team and write an RFP in collaboration.
  • You can host a document in a documentation portal or download it in a convenient format.

If you want to choose a simple tool such as MS Word, keep in mind that its functionality is poor. For example, you can only type a text and save a DOCX file. Such a limitation won’t allow you to work with documents efficiently as a team.


A high-quality RFP is a necessary thing to have to attract professional suppliers. To get this remarkable document, you should choose a clear structure of an RFP and use modern and flexible software. And if so, you will find your partners soon.

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