Tips on Creating a Website Vocabulary

Using consistency in the terminology of website elements inside one company is essential for work facilitation between different departments. When each department uses its own names for the elements (for example, pull-quote, style box, combo box, etc.), it becomes a big issue. There exists some confusion obviously when people across departments discuss UI elements.

The solution is simple in theory but not so much when it comes to execution. You need to make a standardized terminology guide that every employee of the company agrees to follow. However, it’s challenging to change people’s behavior and habits, especially overnight. But Rome was not built in a day as well.

Here are some tips to make it happen:

With website layout terms under your belt, you’ll be able to talk to your designers and developers with additional confidence. But adjusting to a new vocabulary may be a pain in the neck for some of your colleagues, just remind them that this is better for our customers so that the users won’t be confused and avoided unnecessary cognitive load.

While some glossaries are as thick as a novel, others are simple one-page references. It all depends on your business needs. The important thing is that it lists all the elements you use for better communication.

Stay well!


“Follow the river and you will get to the sea.”



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