Benefits of Smart Documentation

Amrit Singh
3 min readJun 23, 2022

Imagine the following situation: you work with documents in Microsoft Word daily. On the one hand, this tool has the AutoCorrect feature that helps you avoid mistakes; it’s better than a notepad. On the other hand, using MS Word isn’t enough for managing docs; you can insert only text and pics there. So there’s an excellent way to increase your productivity — to pay attention to smart documentation.

Smart Documentation Can Improve Your Professional Life

Intelligent docs allow you to work with data using an all-in-one platform easily. This core advantage meets the needs of lots of professionals. Let’s take an HR recruiter, for example. They send contracts for electronic signing, create lists of appropriate job-seekers, and share onboarding files with new employees. Usually, they make it on different platforms:

  • Send docs via emails.
  • Share lists in Google Docs.
  • Use messengers, such as Slack or Telegram.

What is the possible benefit of smart documentation for recruiters? It can help them to bring multiple processes to a single-source product. For instance, recruiters can perform their duties in an online documentation tool.

Smart Documents Core Features

It’s crucial to understand what functions smart documents have. Here are four main examples of them:

  • Watching videos immediately in a doc. If you insert a YouTube link in an intelligent doc, you can watch a video right there. This feature allows you to stay on one platform and avoid opening additional windows in a browser.
  • Inserting hyperlinks with cards. When you input a mere hyperlink in Microsoft Word, you won’t understand what site or file this link leads to; the software shows an ugly URL. However, if you use a smart documentation platform, it will demonstrate not only the text of the hyperlink but a visual card with a brief description of a mentioned source.
  • Attaching files. Such a feature allows you to pin some files right in your document. Usually, users insert links to cloud stores to let someone download files on another resource. However, in the case of intelligent docs, you don’t waste your time going to other sites.
  • Setting permissions. When you use a desktop version of MS Word, sharing a doc with someone online is impossible. You can only send a final DOCX file after editing. Smart documentation doesn’t have such a limit; you can manage project access. In addition, you and your colleagues can edit a document simultaneously.


If you don’t want to open many windows in a browser while working with different types of files, you should choose intelligent documents. It’s a great decision that will save your time and energy. Focus on things that really matter.

Stay well!


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