Artificial Intelligence in Technical Communication

is rapidly developing technology in modern world. It is a comprehensive tool that modifies every area of life and makes people reconsider how we integrate information or analyze data. AI is applied across a variety of sectors. It made many jobs automated, reducing human effort. And it makes me believe that there is yet more to come in the future.

The term Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly common in the field of technical communication too. Artificial Intelligence can penetrate the field of language processing in technical communication. It is a branch of computer science that deals with the modeling of intelligent behavior and enables a computer to solve problems independently.

There are several areas where AI can be successfully implemented. And, a lot of the use cases are tied to help authoring. Technical writers create texts that are fueling human interactions with machines.

So, AI is another technology that needs well-written laser-targeted technical texts to function. We are talking about the actual manifestation of AI in our lives. Now, let’s take a look at what is currently possible to achieve with the help of AI:

  • AI-assisted spelling and grammar: Companies are experimenting with AI techniques including machine learning and natural language processing so the software can essentially understand human language and come up with writing enhancements. While some education experts applaud the advancement of high-tech grammar tools as a way to help people more clearly express their thoughts, others aren’t so sure. Artificial intelligence, according to the contrarians, is only as smart as the humans who program it.
  • AI Chatbots. Most customers prefer brands that provide immense customer support. Obviously, people prefer a person lending their hand while they are at it which is the traditional way that has been there ever since. But with the invasion of chatbots, the tables have completely turned upside down. Chatbot or Chat-robot is an AI-controlled computer program that prompts human conversations. The AI Chatbot works as a virtual help desk in assisting the company and represents a classic human-to-machine dialogue.
  • Search results improvement. Search results are such a parameter that has to be there on every website possible. Providing a good search result will not only boost customer satisfaction but also create their interests intact. Machine learning generates a search ranking which helps to keeps everything organized by importance instead of key matching which used to be a way back in the day.
  • AI-Augmented Interaction: Chatbots are really popular now, but they are not something universal. We humans can get just as many benefits from using the AI-driven data analysis. Using AI analytics, technical communicators can create a better strategy for technical documentation. For example, AI can help analyze support databases to give the documentation team an idea of which features require more attention in help authoring topics.

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating into more and more areas of our everyday work life. It is supposed to facilitate many tasks and even completely replace some. Leverage your goals as a technical writer with what can be achieved using AI. It can do a whole lot of the legwork, you should just be able to apply it correctly.

Stay well!


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